San Diego Carpet Cleaning
So Cal Carpet Clean

San Diego Carpet Cleaning -So Cal Carpet Clean is a well
established service in the commercial and
residential carpet cleaning industry.

In the past 30 years, this perfected system
has been subjected to rigorous cleaning

These have included high traffic areas such
as airports, banks, studios, telephone
companies, corporate offices and many other
commercial locations.

Dries in 30 Minutes or Less!

The system is highly adaptable to every type of cleaning situation. The cleaning solution utilized is composed of sixteen different compatible properties. The formula is a neutral pH balance solution that absorbs, dries, and crystallizes the dirt and the soil for easy removal. No dirt attracting residue is left in the carpet fibers. The cleaning method removes all dirt and odors including: trapped smoke, liquid stains, and greasy residues.

No Reoccurring Stains!

Facilities will spend millions of dollars on buildings and interior design concepts, including floor coverings, as part of their overall image. Poorly maintained floor coverings can adversely affect a facility’s image, waste thousands of dollars in misdirected cleaning costs, reduce product performance and accelerate the need for replacement. We understand the need to maintain and extend the life of your investment and offer a solution by providing a comprehensive maintenance program for commercial floor coverings. So Cal Carpet Clean San Diego offers a comprehensive carpet cleaning program with various levels of services designed to fit your facility’s needs. So Cal Carpet Clean offers customized programs using our patented cleaning product.

San Diego Carpet Cleaning – So Cal Carpet Clean doesn’t just Steam, We Clean!

We don’t just steam your carpets, we clean them with extra attention on entryways and high-traffic areas which have ground-in dirt. Embedded dirt and soil make your carpet look dirty and they also cause wear and tear as the particles rub and shear the carpet fibers. Your carpets are an investment in your business and your home: take time to care for them so they can look better and last longer.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with A+ rating since 2008. Call for a free quote.