So Cal Carpet Clean has offered 30 years of fine rug cleaning San Diego services. When it comes to your oriental, silk, and wool rugs, we take the utmost care to clean and preserve their workmanship and vibrancy. Our establishment has a proven record for using the best strategies and gentle but effective cleaning methods for your heirloom rugs. We hand-wash the fine rugs so that the wool, silk, or cotton fibers retain their natural beauty and characteristics.

Our Fine Rug Cleaning San Diego Services includes:

  1. Pre-Inspection and Pick Up: A qualified So Cal Carpet Clean specialist will come to your house to inspect and pick up your fine rug. After careful analysis, our specialist will devise a plan or strategy on how best to clean your wool or silk rug.
  2. Dry Soil Removal: Using a pile lifter and special vacuum cleaners, we will remove dry dirt, soil, and dust. It is important to remove any dry components completely before we start the washing process.
  3. Pre-Conditioning and Preparations: If necessary, the rug is pre-treated to emulsify difficult, hard-to-remove soils and stains. Different solutions may be spot-applied depending of the type and severity of the dirt. At this point, the fringe is also treated to get the best cleaning results.
  4. Shampoo and Hand Wash: Once the preliminary treatments are completed, we will use an appropriate rug shampoo to wash and clean your fine rug.
  5. Rinse or Wash: Depending on the type of rug you have, it can be rinsed on both sides, or it can be washed in a wash pit specially designed for washing oriental rugs.
  6. Climate Controlled Drying: Once we are satisfied with the cleaning process, your rug will be promptly dried in a controlled environment to minimize shrinking.
  7. Finishing, Inspection, & Delivery: After your wool or silk rug is dried, we will further beautify your rug by combing and grooming it to highlight its natural beauty. So Cal Carpet Clean will finish the fine rug cleaning San Diego service with post-inspection, and then delivery of your rug back to your home.

Exceptional Fine Rug Cleaning San Diego Services

If you have family heirloom fine rugs which need to be cleaned, let our trained technicians give you the best fine rug cleaning San Diego service possible. Call us in North County: (760) 726-9291; San Diego County: (619) 276-1199, or send us email for a free quote.