Mills Technique are specialist in hardwood floor cleaning and laminate floor cleaning San Diego Services. Although laminate floors are not the same as real wood floors, care should still be used when cleaning and maintaining this type of floor. Excessive moisture will seep in between the panels and cause the laminate to warp and buckle. Here are some basic tips to keep your laminate floors beautiful.

  • Microfiber Mop: The best type of cleaning device to use is a microfiber mop. These run across floors smoothly and are very effective in picking up dirt. Traditional string mops should be avoided, the strings can catch on the edges of the laminate panels and may inadvertently cause the panels to rip off.
  • Damp not Wet: When washing your laminate floors, use just a little water or cleanser: do not over wet your mop. If your mop is too wet, the excess liquid will seep in between the floor panels and cause buckling or other forms of water damage.
  • No Puddles: For the same reason as above, avoid having your laminate floors sit in a puddle of liquid. When you spill drinks or water on your floors, wipe up immediately. Rainwater or melted snow need to be dried quickly.
  • No Waxes, Polishes: For well-constructed laminate floors, you should not need to polish or wax the floors. They are made of synthetic materials and do not need the same level of maintenance as hardwood floors.
  • No Bleach or Abrasives: Avoid using bleach or scrubbing devices which scratch and dull your laminate floors.

If you don’t have time or energy to clean your laminate floors, let Mills Technique do the job for you. Our laminate floor cleaning San Diego services are affordable and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Laminate Floor Cleaning San Diego Services

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