How it Works
Each step is carried out by trained personnel who plan and coordinate the entire job. Our trained teams of San Diego carpet cleaners and technicians are professionals who complete a thorough job efficiently. A crew can come in at the end of a working day, process as much as fifteen thousand square feet, and leave clean, dry carpet before the next working day.

  • Fiber Agitation: This is achieved by aggressive vacuuming with a certified pile lifter vacuum. This vacuum is designed to lift carpet fibers that have mated down from foot traffic and removes embedded dirt that has been compressed to the bottom of the carpet.
  • Aggressive Vacuuming: An upright Sanitaire vacuum with beater bars and brushes is used in this step. The vacuum sets flush with the carpet and insures good suction to remove any dirt particles left behind by the pile lifter vacuum.
  • Solution application: So Cal Carpet Clean patented cleaning solution is then applied with a fine mist pump sprayer. The carpet is never saturated.
  • Fiber processing: The solution is worked into the carpet fibers with a vegetable fiber brush on a buffing machine that has been geared specifically for use on the carpet. The vegetable fiber brush was designed not to create heat and friction between the carpet and the brush. The brush is also very absorbent in removing the dirt that breaks down while scrubbing.
  • Padding: A 100% cotton pad is then used to pad the entire area. The cotton pads absorb the moisture and remove any residue left behind. Like the vegetable fiber brush, these pads do not create heat and friction between the pad and carpet which could damage and wear the carpet fibers.
  • Final Vacuum: The carpet is re-vacuumed with the upright Sanitaire vacuum and groomed with a carpet brush. Traffic is ready to be introduced back onto the carpet in approximately one hour.

So Cal Carpet Clean, San Diego Carpet Cleaners

Although some competitors provide cheaper service, So Cal Carpet Clean guarantees cleaner carpets that will look fresh longer. So Cal Carpet Clean’s patented
solution contains dirt-attracting detergents and built-in protectors which leave the carpet resistant to stains and soil. The equipment we use has been specifically designed for use with the So Cal Carpet Clean System. A So Cal Carpet Clean technician can accurately dispense the correct amount of solution for every job. We have proven results and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Call us for a quote.